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Our business specializes in the artistry of woodworking, encompassing a wide range of skills and services. From logging to finish product, we take pride in transforming timber into intricate creations. Timberframing is at the heart of our craft, where we meticulously carve mortise and tenon joints to construct heavy timber houses, pavilions, and pergolas that stand as timeless architectural marvels. Our expertise extends to crafting beams, arbors, and custom sawing to bring your visions to life. We offer kiln drying services to ensure the quality of our high-grade lumber, making it perfect for tables, hardwood flooring, T&G, trim, special molding, vintage barn repair, and outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s live edge tables or crafting the most intricate timber structures, we are passionate about every aspect of woodworking.

Our Services


Transform your outdoor space into a natural oasis with our expertly crafted arbor, blending timeless elegance and sturdy construction to enhance your garden’s beauty.


Elevate your property with our exceptional barn construction services, delivering sturdy and versatile structures tailored to your specific needs.


Craft your perfect outdoor haven with our expertly built gazebos, combining beauty and quality in every structure.

Outdoor Kitchen

Enhance your outdoor living with our custom-built outdoor kitchens, seamlessly blending style and functionality for unforgettable culinary experiences.


Create your outdoor ambiance with our stunningly built pergolas, skillfully constructed by our company to create a captivating retreat and provide shade for unforgettable moments.


Maximize your storage space and declutter your surroundings with our precision-built sheds, tailored by our company to provide durable solutions for all your storage needs.


Enhance your garden aesthetics and support your climbing plants with our exquisitely crafted trellises, skillfully built by our company to beautify of your outdoor space.

Timber Framing

Experience the timeless structural integrity of our custom timber framing, expertly crafted to create architectural masterpieces that stand the test of time.





Our Clients Say

I’ve worked hand in hand with Busch Construction, Inc. for nearly 18 years. Although the company size and number of employees has changed over that time, their motto has stayed the same. With honesty, integrity and a genuine desire to exceed a client’s expectations, we will always be in the business of building a better home. I’ve worked with numerous builders over the past 20 years and I don’t hold a single one of them with more respect than Corey Busch and his associates.

Eden Landscaping


At our construction company, we take immense pride in consistently delivering exceptional projects that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, building trust and lasting relationships.

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